New ISO rating for Lincoln County

Effective December 1, 2017 Lincoln County will have a new ISO (Insurance Services Organization) rating of 6/10 (six/ten). This rating means that if you live within five (5) road miles of one of the fire stations your insurance rating will carry a six (6). This is a major change from the current 7/7X (seven/ seven X) for the homes located with this allotted distance. If you live outside of the mandated five (5) road miles your insurance will be a ten (10), which is no change from the current rating. We are currently working with ISO to see what can be done to improve our rating for those who fall into the ten (10) rating and also trying to improve our county rating hopefully to a five (5). The next ISO study for Lincoln County will be in 2022.

Lincoln County Emergency EMA

The Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency is staffed with a director, deputy director and two part-time employees. Our responsibilities include planning, and all emergency policies and procedures are generated out of this office. We are also responsible for the overall coordination of emergency services when disaster strikes. Lincoln County Emergency Management is also responsible for notification of all weather related incidents. We are staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in the event of such weather. We have our own weather notification system, weather instruments, real time radar, and a direct link to the National Weather Service in Huntsville, Alabama, both in the EMA office and the 911 Center. We also have ten sirens in the city and county, with an expedient shelter program in place to house people in the event of severe weather before the storm. We administer all Homeland Security grants for Lincoln County and are active in hazard mitigation. We respond with all emergency services when necessary. Day to day operations of emergency management are overseen by the county mayor. We also have a five member advisory committee. All volunteer services are under the oversight of the EMA director.

The Lincoln County Volunteer Fire Rescue is unique in its organization. The directors are five members of the County Commission and the Fire Chief. All financial requests are filtered through this committee. There are twelve fire stations and two sub stations in Lincoln County, independent of one another and all responsible for one another. There are approximately 160 members with two assistant chiefs. We have forty pieces of apparatus. We have been awarded through the FEMA Fire Fighters Grant Program eight new trucks, along with over $612,000.00 worth of new equipment since 2002. This is equipment for the firemen and the trucks. We currently have two stations that have not yet heard from their grants during this grant period. We are radio dispatched through the 911 Center, responding three stations in the daytime and two at night to a structure fire. The twelve stations are responsible for light duty rescue, four of which also are responsible for the Jaws of Life. The jaws of life tools are located strategically, one in each part of the county, north, south, east and west. Fire rescue is also responsible for the First Responder Program.

Emergency Services in Lincoln County all work very well together, whether the incident happens in the city or the county.

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