Storm Shelter Registry

If you have installed storm shelters or safe rooms at your homes or businesses, we would like for you to register with us by filling out the below requested information.

Emergency Management will use the registry to notify firefighters, paramedics, local law enforcement personnel and other responders to check specific addresses where shelters have been installed. If our first response personnel have this information it will help expedite any search and rescue operations.

Shelter owners can register their addresses by calling the office at (931) 438-1575 if you do not want to register online.

Thank you,
Your local office of Emergency Management Agency.

• Full Name
• Address
• Phone Number
• Number in Family
• Type of Shelter & Location
• Capacity of Shelter
• Dimensions of Shelter
• Pets in Shelter
• Alternate Contact Name
• Alternate Contact Number
• Any Mobile/Cell Numbers to have on record